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Dancefloor Hire

Whatever your event you’ll want to strut your stuff, so why not do it in style on one of our LED dancefloors. We have a choice of White, black or chequered led floors to suit your venue. Our Dancefloor Hire prices are very competitive and include underlay, delivery and cleaning

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Our Dancefloors are professionally installed and well maintained to maximise our customers experience

bride and groom dance floor image 2 - dancefloor hire

LED LOVE and LED Dancefloor image 1
White LED dance floor available up to 24×24′


 12×12′    up to 80 guests       £295.00
 14×14′     up to 120 guests     £375.00
16×16′     up to 160 guests     £475.00
18×18′     up to 200 guests    £575.00
20×20′    up to 250 guests    £695.00
Black and White chequered LED Dancefloor image
Black and white LED dance floor from £295
Black LED Dancefloor and draping Image 1
Looks amazing against your white wedding dress or a corporate event


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